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mccall plaza

Plano | Texas

Serving as prime Consultant, DCBA worked with the City of Plano to create a pleasant, welcoming urban space providing a performance venue and support for festival and entertainment activities.  The site is located adjacent to a new urban residential development and the DART rail line in the historic downtown.  DCBA’s design team has created a covered, two directional stage for performances and to provide a shaded gathering space at other times.  Viewed from one direction, the stage will be utilized for smaller performances.  In the opposite direction, the adjacent parking lot has been reconfigured to accommodate larger events when cordoned off.  The new parking lot reconfiguration also has designated spaces and utility requirements for food trucks.

Services provided:

  • Prime Consultant (Architect, Civil Engineer, and MEP Engineer subcontracts)
  • Hardscape Design
  • Landscape & Irrigation Design


Garland | Texas

The City of Garland possesses a small-town feel even though it has a population of well over 200,000 residents.  The downtown area retains a tradition of maintaining a distinctive atmosphere and charm.  This set of guidelines reinforces the unique character of the community and allows it to grow while maintaining the character that draws visitors to the downtown district. 

The purpose of this effort has been to examine all of the development occurring within the public right-of-way and in adjacent public outdoor spaces to ensure that elements of the past, present and future convey a sense of place unique to Garland.

Quality site design and compatibility with the overall environment are primary goals of the standards.  Location, size, style, color, and types of lighting, walls, sidewalks, planting, landscape areas and other design elements are described in the booklet.  Descriptions and illustrative examples are utilized to further explain or clarify a guideline requirement or intent.

Services provided:

  • Guideline Booklet Design

Txdot Donley Safety Rest Area

Donley County | Texas

Twin rest areas on both sides of US 287 are located between Hedley and Giles in west Texas and were built with a combination of federal and state money.  The entire facility was designed to reflect the history of the area.  Donley County is noted for its cotton production and the railroad which was the primary means of delivering the raw cotton to the cotton gins and manufacturers.  All of the structures resemble what you may have seen at a mid 1800’s train depot in this Texas panhandle county.

To reflect West Texas’s topography, DCBA designed boulder-lined arroyos (or dry gullies) to direct water to an underground rain storage system where it is collected and then pumped to operate the irrigation system.  Rainwater from the roofs of the structures is also collected and stored for irrigating the native plants that make up the landscaping.  


Texas Chapter - American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA)

Services provided:

  • Concept Design & Theming
  • Hardscape Design
  • Stormwater Re-use for Irrigation
  • Landscape & Irrigation Design